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DJ Sound & Lighting Inc.

Sports Projection & Digital Signage 
Take your customers to a new level. Video is such a major part of our everyday lives. It's all around us, concerts, sporting events, the mall, restaurants and many more venues. 

We sell service and install cable TV systems for the hospitality industry.  We can upgrade your existing system or build you one from the ground up.  

Once your system is in place we can assist you in creating your own messages for in house promotins of your brand or product.

​​Awesome for swim clubs as well as schools and communities.  Our "Flick & Float"   splash party movie night is a unique way to entertain your members or guests.
We show a movie of your choice on the large screen while your guests float and splash in the pool. Before the sun goes down we provide a DJ to entertain. We will even play a few music videos before the movie. 


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Video Graphics & PowerPoint 

Production of a presentation for ANY EVENT!
An intimate private celebration or corporate meeting DJ Sound & Lighting can create your presentation to project up on screen. You provide us with the content or we can gather it and create it. Our team of graphic designers can create a small & simple presentation or a full blown movie type of video.

Training video for staff as well as client sales or info videos. 

Making DJ's that only play music a thing of the past!

A closer Look at HDTV 101
Shopping for a television these days can be confusing. Between the features and innovations, terms and technologies, can make your head spin.  Sharper, clearer images than regular television, high-definition television is the digital television of choice. Resolution, or picture detail, is the main reason why HDTV programs look so good. HD signals transmit either 1,080 or 720 visible lines of details, versus a maximum 480 for the standard-definition analog TV signals we've watched for decades. 

Plasma Images:
Created by thousands of red, green, and blue pixels containing gas converted into plasma by electrical charge. Bright, colorful picture, even in light-filled rooms 
Wider viewing angle than other high definition formats Lightweight and generally less than 4" thick Can be mounted on the wall like a picture frame or displayed on a stand

LED & LCD Liquid Crystal Display:
Uses the same technology as flat-panel computer monitors. The combination of a white backlight and thousands of liquid crystals that open and close like shutters generate pixels that create a bright, smooth image. Usually more expensive than plasma on an inch-for-inch basis Renowned for slimness and lightweight
Can be wall-mounted, hung below a cabinet or set on a stand Some experts contend that LCD sets offer color accuracy and sharpness superior to plasma

 DLP Digital Light Processing:
Uses microchips with thousands of tiny mirrors to create an image on a screen. Comes closer to reproducing the source material than most technologies
Front or rear-projection models available Sometimes bulkier than plasma or LCD models but may be more affordable Technology developed by Texas Instruments

Thank you for making my wedding fun you guys are the best. My family never stopped dancing. I would recommend you guys. My family will be calling you for all our partys luv Gina Scirrotto

Image Magnification 
For a small meeting or a large convention center DJ Sound & Lighting can project your images up on screen.  We can project live images from a camera, Media player, DVD, Satellite, TV and computer, multiple sources, multiple screens, front or rear projection.
 Live image magnification is great for large groups or rooms where the people in the back have a hard time seeing the stage.   Various size screens for any room size and budget. 

Went to a Doo-Wop reunion  DJ Sound & Lighting was there for the show & music. It was by far the best time ever they did such a fabulous job with everything


Meetings Seminars & Conferences
 For a business meeting, sales training or seminar,  DJ Sound & Lighting can project your images up on screen.  We can provide  laptop computers or you can use your own. Run PowerPoint or other software presentations on multiple screens. Wireless microphones and crystal clear speaker systems so your message is clearly heard.
We can provide various size screens for any room size and budget.  Expert set up and support.