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Flick & Float Movie Nights

This is totally awesome for public swim clubs as well as private residences and backyards with or without swimming pools.  Our “Flick & Float”   splash party movie night is a unique way to entertain your members or guests. We show a movie of your choice on the large screen while your guests float and splash in the pool.  For larger pools or areas we recommend multiple screens.

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET! ..... We don't just show a movie!
Before the sun goes down we provide a disc jockey to entertain. We will even play a few music videos before the movie to heat things up!  We can even do the entire night with music videos...forget the movie! 
We set up a large surround sound system with left, right & center channel speakers and a powerful 600 watt subwoofer. The professional sound system is thundering and amazing, it is not your home theater system. It is a system that is made up of the same components you will find in large movie theaters. During the event we can also switch between sources as well as generate personalized messages on the screen.  Our projection possibilities are unlimited.