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Short slide show of a recent setup. This was for Herbalife LDW.  Leaders Development Workshop. Held at the Event Center Harrah's Casino Philadelphia Pa. January of 2016.  Set-up took place the weekend of the January blizzard. The conference was pushed back to the next week. The DJ Sound & Lighting team avoided disaster and the show went on without a hitch! Piece of mind is priceless! 

Leave the technical work to us!  You work on your content and message you want to deliver to the audience. We will make sure your message is clearly heard and visible.  Holding a Conference,  business meeting,  sales training or seminar even a social event requiring professional sound, lighting and video?   We've got you covered!  We can provide  laptop computers or you can use your own. Media players, DVD players cable and satellite boxes we can facilitate it all.  Run PowerPoint or other software presentations on one screen or multiple TV's and screens! We can provide various size screens for any room size and budget.  Expert set up and support.  During the event we can also switch between sources as well as generate personalized messages on  screen.  

Use Image magnification with a LIVE camera to project images up on the screens when in a large convention center or room. It makes it easier for everyone including those in the back to see whats on stage.  Live image magnification is great for large groups or rooms where the people in the back have a hard time seeing the stage.  We project the action on stage, up on the screen for all to see.  We can provide various size screens for any room size and budget.  Our projection possibilities are unlimited

We can provide a COMPUTER RENDERING of what your stage or event will actually look like when complete! We want to be sure you understand all we are to provide. We cover all details so you can rest!