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Nothing beats EXPERIENCE, we have the experience and insight to provide you piece of mind!

What is up-lighting?

Up-lighting is a method of up-light an object or structure. It has become very popular in the wedding lighting industry. We use LED lights to highlight elements of the room or objects for a more enhanced dramatic effect.

How do I hire a DJ?

You must ask questions. Consult with the DJ to see if there is a fit. Check the years of experience they have and the type of equipment they use. Ask if they have back-up. When you hire DJ S&L you get a seasoned veteran. With the ability to successfully run your event or wedding.

How long should my wedding reception be?

Choosing a DJ for the same sex wedding?

Choose a DJ that will be compassionate to your needs. Someone with the knowledge to fulfill your wishes.

Choosing music for my ceremony:

You'r ceremony is a once in a lifetime celebration. Do not chose your cousin because the can play the music from an I-Pod. The microphone's and sound must be right! The music must be played at the right time at the appropriate volume. We've got you covered.

Can we have overtime if the event goes longer than expected?

We certainly stay and continue to entertain as long as reasonable. We just ask that you do not wait until the last song to ask us. Give us some time as we take it into account on our music programming. There is an extra fee for each hour overtime.


Our years of experience with many types of events, installations and productions enable us to provide you with the utmost professionalism and experience to handle and answer all of your questions.

When renting or using a projector how many lumens do I need?

There are several factors that go into properly choosing the right projector. Such as the ambient room lighting. The number of guest, the size of the venue to name a few. Each is handled on a case by case basis.

I need a microphone:

Ans: We can provide you a microphone or multiple microphones. Please keep in mind that your mic must be connected to a sound system

I need a screen: 

We can provide various screen sizes for any event. We can front or rear project images, even suspend the projector from the ceiling where possible.

I want to play a slideshow or video:

Our graphic's team can create your videos or slide. We can play the content you provide. We can exchange file here in our office or via our Dropbox link.

Do you charge additional fees for equipment rented over a weekend?

Rentals are based on 24 hour periods. Weekend rentals unless otherwise noted are no charge for Sunday when returning on a Monday.


I need a TV system for my restaurant:

We can expertly install the  perfect system for you.  Background sound as well as foreground sound. Single area or multiple area's. Single source or multiple  sources including jukebox interface and paging.

How do I install a paging system?

Paging systems can be triggered through the sound system or phone system. 

What music can we play in our facility for customers?

When we install your sound system there are several options to choose from. We integrate your Cable TV, Direct TV, I-Pod, or other streaming methods for your listening enjoyment.  Please consult with us for details.

I want the NFL ticket & March Madness:

The NFL ticket remains a popular choice for sports bars and hospitality industry venues. We combine Cable TV with your Satellite TV for the best in programming choices. 

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