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Click the photo to enlarges some breakup examples.

Classic Breakup Pattern. Wedding at Crytal Tea Room. 

Nothing transforms a space as dramatically as the right lighting!  Centerpiece lighting, up-lighting, gobo lighting, wall or ceiling wash, dance floor totem lighting and more. Now we introduce you to an element that can not be copied. Truly set your event or wedding apart from all others. Personalize your event to create memories that all guests will never forget.

We project a  "Breakup pattern"  on the dance floor, wall's or ceiling to give it a unique special character. We can even add a splash of color to mix with it! Tent roofs also provide the perfect space for such a breakup.

Think outside the box!  Speak to our team to work on your custom design and concept today!

Breakup Patterns

breakup pattern

Enhancing Dramatic Effects!

Notice the chandelier changes color! We highlight a beautiful chandelier by projecting vibrant colorful beams of LED light on it. Spectacular effect! Click the photo to enlarge.