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DJ Sound & Lighting Inc.


DJ Sound & Lighting is 100% dedicated in using only the best in professional sound and lighting equipment on the market.  DJ Sound & Lighting is constantly keeping our equipment upgraded and maintained to ensure you will be supplied with the best out there without any hassle. Additionally we install, rent & sell the very equipment we use.

Standard Sound System:  Included with your DJ Price
Suitable for events with 175 people or less. Depending on room size and layout.

 Includes; Professional DJ Equipment
2- Full range speakers, powered or non powered, 12” or 15” woofers
1- Computer Interface controller
1- DJ Laptop with backup Laptop
1- Corded microphone
1- Handheld Wireless microphone
2- Speakers stands

Upgraded Sound System:      $75.00 each  subwoofer
Recommended for groups over 175 people & larger rooms. The upgraded sound system, adds more "oomph” and depth to the music delivering a much fuller and richer sound.  If you're looking for that extra enrichment, this is for you!

Includes: Professional DJ Equipment as above
1- Powered Subwoofer

Ceremony Auxiliary Sound System:      $195.00
Ideal for ceremony.

1- Powered speaker
1- Laptop or MP3 player
1- Equipment stand
1- Mic Stand
1- Wireless lapel or handheld mic

Ceremony/Celebrant Microphones:      $45.00 each additional mic
Used in conjunction with 2nd or Auxiliary sound system in a area outside reception area

Cocktail Area or Secondary Area Sound System:  $75.00 each speaker
Remote or cocktails in a separate room or area.

1- Powered speaker
1- Speaker stand
1- Laptop or MP3 player



Upgraded Sound